Imagine your next corporate golf event.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in the sky and the temperature is a perfect 27 degrees celsius. Everyone is enjoying your unique corporate event on a high-end, exclusive golf course with an equally high-end green fee.

Your first tee gift? A sleeve of RAM golf balls and a lowly hat with a hand-sewn logo.

These items add $15-$25 per person to the cost of your corporate event and you cannot help but wonder, is anyone going to use these items again?

The answer is an obvious no. Worse, this is a major missed opportunity for your brand.

Rather than have hundreds of golfers representing your company with branded corporate event gifts, items and prizes on the day of your event and all their future rounds of golf, you have given all your attendees a product they won’t want to use.

Further, the perception of your tournament will not be very high and golfers might choose to skip your event next year.

Modern Golf has the experience, expert knowledge and conducts the necessary research to provide businesses with the best value gift solutions to fit any budget.

We ask the following 5 important questions to make your corporate event a success:

  1. Will golfers reuse the items you have given them?
  2. How will golfers perceive the gifts you have given them at your tournament?
  3. What are golfers most likely to do with your tournament gift?
  4. What items will golfers like most?
  5. What gift will influence golfers to play in your event again and invite their friends?

Great gifts make great friends.

Your corporate event is an important marketing tool that will help increase leads, business and brand awareness.

Don’t let your next corporate event gifts disappoint your guests and affect your brand negatively.

Give Modern Golf a call.

Lee Drydak