Modern Golf’s build shops are run by passionate staff that are trained to build equipment to TOUR level quality. We are proud to be the most trusted build shop in Canada by industry partners.

Modern Golf stocks all major grips and specializes in shaft repairs, adapter installation, sandblasting, paint fill and many other customization and retrofitting services.

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At Modern Golf we pride ourselves on the way we build golf clubs. We separately source and build our clubs using only authentic OEM components.

Our build process includes a few steps that not all OEM’s include:

  • We weight sort shafts and remove any shafts that are not within the spec of that set.
  • We frequency match iron sets so every club feels and plays the same flex.
  • We record all spec information in a player profile to ensure we are able to replicate the build on future purchases or for any repairs that may be needed.

These extra steps ensure your clubs will perform to the same high standards as the clubs used during your fitting process.


  • Club Extension (Per Club): $9.99
  • Loft/Lie Adjustment (Per Club): $5.00
  • Re-Shaft Graphite/Steel (Single Club): $34.99
  • Custom Grinding (Per Club): $79.99
  • Stamping Initials w/Paintfill (Per Club): $19.99
  • Swingweight w/ Lead Tape (Per Club): $5.99
  • Re-Grip (Customer Supplied Grip): $4.99
  • Metal Wood Hot Melt: $49.99
  • Paintfill (Per Iron): $19.99
  • Paintfill (Putter): $79.99

  • Paintfill Extra Colours: $8.99
  • Grip Install: $3.00
  • Swap shafts from one club to another Per Club: $25.00
  • Re-Attach Head (w/New Ferrule) Per Club: $20.00
  • Remove Broken Shaft and replace with stock STEEL shaft Per Club: $65.00
  • Remove Broken shaft and replace with stock GRAPHITE shaft Per Club: $150.00
  • Regrip with grips provided Per Club: $5.00