1.) Can the trackman sessions be done at any time throughout the month? Or will they be set times?
Customers can book their trackman sessions at any available time on the Modern Golf schedule. The course schedule will be set in advance of the league kick-off, so each month’s courses can be played at any time over that month.

2.) What does TrackMan (games, stats, etc) offer for recreational and competitive members?
Trackman offers fun and competitive opportunities to test your game on some of the world’s most famous golf courses, and using Trackman’s new free download app, a number of stats, including driving distance and accuracy, greens in regulation, scoring average and handicap can all be tracked.

3.) Do I have to book the tee times in advance? How would I do that?
All round booking can be done through our concierge service either by phoning your home facility, or by e-mailing theleague@moderngolf.ca.

4.) How long do the games usually take?
The average round of 18 holes will take between 40-50 minutes to complete.

5.) What is the availability of tee times on the weekends?
Modern Golf locations will be open seven days a week to accommodate all golfers.

6.) What are the hours of operations on the weekends?
Our current weekend hours of operation are 10:00am to 6:00pm.

7.) Are the sessions individual(1 person) based? Or can I play with a friend within the same session?
Due to time constraints, we are limiting the number of players to one per bay. Modern Golf does have open concept fitting bays in all facilities, so you can book simultaneously with friends, and still play along or against them.

8.) How does booking your golf time work with respect to groups?
Modern Golf’s concierge staff is available to help groups book together.

9.) Are you bound to play only at the location selected or can you book across your locations?
Currently, we will aim to complete sessions at your requested home facility.

10.) Does the competitive league use handicap index or just gross scores?
The league offers both gross and net scores. Trackman will allow you to track your handicap across the season, ensuring you are always up to date.