Modern Golf’s club fitters and coaches were asked what they believe is the number #1 way to lower scores and the unanimous decision was a properly fit putter.

Jeremy Maher, Manager of Performance at Modern Golf Calgary, says,

“Length is key when it comes to getting properly fitted for a putter. We want to be sure that your arms are in a comfortable position and that your eyes are just inside the golf ball when looking down at the ball. Proper length will lead to a proper pendulum stroke.”

At Modern Golf we use TrackMan and Quintic – the leading technologies used by the best players in the world on all the professional tours – to precisely measure ball skid off the putter face. Less skid equates to less time the golf ball can move off-line and different strokes with different putters produce different results. We aim to have under 30% skid on the golf ball after impact. This is an especially important part of your putter fitting.

Head style and head weight are another critical component of putter fitting. We all have unique putting strokes and that means we all benefit from optimizing our putter selection amongst the different options available in putter heads. Heel-weighted, toe-weighted, and center-balanced putter faces help us determine the correct putter for your individual putting stroke. Matched with the percentage of roll (we aim for over 90%), this will ensure you maximize your opportunity to reduce 3-putts and increase both proximity to the hole and putts made.

An additional factor we take into consideration when fitting you with the best putter is putter lie. We want to have the putter head sit flush to the ground to facilitate a more solid and square impact position.

Finally, we move through various overall putter weights and looks to set you up with a putter you can be confident in. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to putter styles and weights. If you do not like the look or feel of a particular putter your putting will suffer. Combined with the data we accumulate from TrackMan or Quintic, we can help best select a putter that looks, feels, and performs the absolute best for your game.