Modern Golf – The Complete Golf Performance Experience.

With over 30,000 combinations, Modern Golf stocks one of the largest offerings of equipment in North America. We staff elite and experienced players, coaches and club fitters with experience in technology driven fitting on Trackman.

Modern Golf offers custom club fitting options with multiple price points as well as manufacturer offerings at national retailer pricing.

Modern Golf is proud to offer the most competitive equipment trade-in program in North America allowing our customers to lower purchase prices and upgrade consistently.

If it’s out there we have it.


**Fitting fees will be waived with purchase over $500. $50 fitting fee with purchases under $500**

Full Bag – $400
All clubs driver to putter

Executive Full Bag – $300
Driver, woods, hybrids, irons

Long Game – $200
Driver, woods, hybrids

Outside Short Game – $200 **Coming Soon**
Wedges and putter

Driver – $100
Driver fitting

Woods – $100
Wood fitting

Irons – $100
Iron fitting

Outdoor Wedges – $100 **Coming Soon**
Wedge fitting

Putter (Quintic Toronto & Calgary) – $150
Putter fitting

Putter (Putting Green) – $100
Putter fitting

Putter (Outdoors) – $100 **Coming Soon**
Putter fitting

Loft & Lie Fitting – $75
Includes adjustments

Gap Analysis – $75
With printout

Swing Assessment with Existing Clubs – $100
Analysis of your swing, existing clubs and gapping.

Trackman Rental – $60
Hourly/per person